Pacific Coast Down Blanket

Pacific Coast Down Blanket
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    Cuddly down blanket!

    Our down blanket from Pacific Coast Feather is designed and sized like traditional blankets. But this is no ordinary blanket, it's filled with luxurious down to provide extra warmth and comfort to keep you cozy.

    The beautiful down blanket has satin trim and available in four colors; White, Blue Ice, Cream, and Clover

    Features of our Down Blanket:
    • Fill: Allergy Free Pacific Coast® Down
    • Fabric: 230 thread count, 100% cotton cover, matching satin trimmed edge
    • Colors: White, Blue Ice, Cream, and Clover
    • Machine Washable
    • Warranty: 10 year manufactures warranty
    Pacific Coast's 30-Day Allergy Free Warranty*
    Dust, dirt, and allergens have been removed.
    *Only Pacific Coast down is Hyperclean®. If not completely allergy free, you may return the product within 30 days for a refund.

    Many people believe that they are allergic to down and feathers. Most of these people are only allergic to the dust, dirt and allergens. Pacific Coast® down and feathers have been washed and rinsed with proprietary biodegradable cleaning agents developed especially for their down and feathers.

    Pacific Coast Down & Feather
    At Pacific Coast Feather Company, they produce down for superior lightness, warmth and durability. Their use two primary measures to test and create this quality of down. First, they create the cleanest down available through their Hyperclean process and firmly stand by their Allergy Free guarantee (see Hyperclean and Allergy Free). Next they measure the quality of down by testing the fill power or how lofty or "fluffy" the down is. Fill power measures fluffiness or how many cubic inches of space one ounce of down occupies.

    An ounce of Pacific Coast’s high fill power and Hyperclean down is fluffier, more durable and insulates better than ordinary down. Pacific Coast’s 550 fill power down is up to 25% fluffier after use than much of the ordinary down you’ll find elsewhere. Their higher fill power down, 600 ­ 800 is up to 35% fluffier after use than many other comforters making similar fill power claims. Better quality, higher fill power down is easily worth the additional investment because it is both fluffier and lighter ­and it will stay fluffy for years to come

    Barrier Weave™ Fabrics
    Pacific Coast's proprietary technique and quality standard involves tighter weaving and special finishing to create the most leakproof fabric available. Their products are woven tighter and are thicker to help prevent feathers and down from sneaking out.

    Fluffy for Life™
    Fine quality down, the kind that is both fluffy and long lasting, is rare. It comes from mature birds, usually from cold climates. It's easy to buy the low-grade ordinary quality, but they purchase the down from the Hanauer family's age-old sources in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 20% of the down their receive is rejected or reprocessed. Pacific Coast clean, sort and process all of the down and feathers themselves.

    The two primary measures they use to test the quality of down are fill power (the loft, of how "fluffy" the down is) and cleanliness. Fill power measures the down's fluffiness, or how many cubic inches of space one ounce of down occupies prior to filling a product.

    At Pacific Coast Feather, they consistently produce higher fill power down. Their 550 fill power down is fluffier after use than much of down found elsewhere. Their better quality, higher fill power down, is worth the additional investment because it is fluffier, lighter and will stay fluffy years longer.

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    Twin 66" X 96" $139.99
    Full 80" X 96" $169.99
    Queen 90" X 96" $199.99
    King 108" X 96" $229.99
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