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Coldavenger Fleece Face Mask

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The Ultimate Ski Mask

The ColdAvenger® Classic Fleece Face Mask is designed for a variety of winter outdoor activities where protection from cold is essential. Researched and developed in Northern Rocky Mountain winters and tested in snow and freezing weather, the Thermal-Fleece Face Mask keeps your face warm and dry while helping humidify inhaled air and allowing you to breathe freely. This warm breath face mask has been used with comfort at -20°F.

It’s the ultimate ski mask for winter face protection during outdoor activities. Include it in your essential ski and snowboard gear. Ski, snowboard, snowmobile, heli-ski, hunt, cycle, motorcycle, or work in comfort outdoors with the Warm Breath Mask.

The head, face and neck account for up to 40% of heat loss from the body. Besides leading to hypothermia, cold air causes injury to the upper airways and lungs. Protect your yourself from the harsh and damaging effects of cold exposure with this thermal soft-shell Mask which has unique functions that keep the face and airway warm while allowing you to breathe freely with no resistance.

ColdAvenger® Fleece Face Mask
  • Made of 200 weight fleece breathes and insulates very well but is not windproof or water resistant. Great for folks who are less active or moving slower in the cold
  • Soft medical grade and non-toxic polyurethane ventilator provides a comfortable seal while retaining its inherent microbial resistance
  • Form-fitting design protects face, neck, ears and airway from cold weather
  • Warm Breath ventilator allows you to breathe freely during outdoor activities while managing exhaled moisture off the facial skin
  • Fleece wicks away moisture to keep your face dry
  • Humidifies dry and cold inhaled air to protect and improve airway health in the cold
  • Keeps temperatures inside 40°F to 60°F higher than outside (difference relative to movement)
  • Designed to fit with goggles and helmets
  • Helps prevent fogging of goggles
  • Adjustable, removable interior valve allows control of air intake
  • One size fits most (Unisex sizing)

Cold weather protection of the face and airways not only contributes to comfort, but helps prevent cold-induced adverse health effects. Prolonged cold air exposure is a form of chronic trauma to the airway as demonstrated by research involving athletes participating in winter activities. Normally, inhaled air is warmed to body temperatures and humidified at the same time by the moisture and warmth contained in the nose and upper airways. An unprotected face allows cold air to interfere with this warming and humidification process. The ColdAvenger Thermal-Fleece Face Mask helps keep the temperature of the air around your face 40° to 60°F higher than outside and helps to humidify inhaled air.

The patent pending ventilator of the ColdAvenger® Clssic Fleece Face Mask ventilation face piece is made of medical grade plastic selected for human safety, biocompatability, flexibility, inherent microbial resistance, and endurance.


How does it work?

The patent-pending ColdAvenger® ventilator passively mixes inhaled cold air with exhaled warm air to achieve a dynamic balance of warmth while keeping the face dry. The ventilation design allows for 100% natural breathing during exertion, a critical feature for high endurance outdoor activities. Moisture from exhaled air binds to the plastic piece, keeping the face dry and comfortable.

The ventilator helps keep the temperature of the air around your face 40°F to 60°F higher than outside and helps to humidify inhaled air depending on activity.

Cold Weather Health Hazards

Did You Know?
  • Scientific studies indicate that up to 50% of athletes who exercise in cold weather have some respiratory symptoms with a decline in lung function compatible with exercise-induced asthma (Storms W. Review of Exercise-Induced Asthma, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2003; 35:1464-1470).
  • Cold weather exposure of the airway and face is a form of chronic trauma that can cause cough, asthma, and other adverse health effects such as "walking pneumonia." A counter measure for decreasing the occurrence of these health problems in cold weather is to increase warmth and moisture of the airway without increasing resistance when working breathing rates are high (Prevention of Cold Injuries During Exercise, Position Stand, American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2006; 38:2012-2029).
  • Cold weather combined with long periods of work outside can alter the immune system, increasing the risk for viral infections of the respiratory tract that negatively affects performance while increasing sick days.
  • In addition to cold air affecting the airways, stimulation of the facial skin by cold air has an effect on airway responsiveness (Heindl al. "Effect of Facial Cooling and Cold Air Inhalation on Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Men," Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 2004; 142:69-8).
  • The American College of Sports Medicine’s position on prevention of cold airway injuries during exercise states that breathing dry air combined with skin and facial cooling act in synergy to trigger exercised-induced bronchospasms (Prevention of Cold Injuries During Exercise, Position Stand, American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2006;38:2012-2029).
  • Chronic cold air exposure following exercise can predispose athletes to immunological vulnerability and viral infections that can negatively affect their performance.

ColdAvenger Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the ColdAvenger Thermal-Fleece Face Mask and the ColdAvenger Soft-Shell Face Mask Pro?
The only difference between the Thermal-Fleece Face Mask and Soft-Shell Face Mask Pro is the fabric. They both have the exact same ventilator. The the Thermal-Fleece Face Mask is made with classic fleece which breathes and insulates well, but is not windproof or water resistant. The Soft-Shell Face Mask Pro is made with "soft-shell" fleece, which is tightly knit fleece with a laminate nylon shell that makes it wind and water resistant. Both have the exact same ventilator which humidifies and warms inhaled air, manages moisture and allows for total free breathing. We usually suggest the Thermal-Fleece Face Mask to folks who are less active or moving slower and the ColdAvenger Soft-Shell Face Mask Pro to folks who are working at a higher rate of activity or moving faster.

Will the ColdAvenger Face Mask fit underneath my snowmobile/motorcycle helmet?
All of the ColdAvenger masks are designed to fit underneath both half helmets and full MX type helmets with use of goggles.

What are your return policies?
With health issues being a major concern of our business, we will not accept the return of masks that have been used/worn. We do not consider a mask to be "used/worn" if it was just tried on for fit. For safety reasons, we will not accept the return a mask that has been used/worn.

Will the ColdAvenger Mask fog my regular glasses?
The mask was designed to be worn with goggles. Some of our customers have found that the mask also prevents the fogging of regular glasses, however we make no claims that the masks will prevent the fogging of regular glasses.

How do I clean my Mask and Balaclava?
The Mask and Balaclava are made using only the highest quality materials and therefore should not require much cleaning. We highly recommend that you hand wash with mild soap and allow the product to air dry. Machine washing is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Performs as advertised.
The ColdAvenger Fleece Face Mask is comfortable and does just what it's advertised to do; it catches and holds some of your breath so that your next breath will be warmer.
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