ChiliPad CUBE 1.1 Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad, King

ChiliPad CUBE 1.1 Heating and Cooling Mattress Pad, King

by Chili Technology    

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King Size with Dual Controls

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The innovative ChiliPad Mattress Pad that HEATS and COOLS with no electricity in your bed and New PLS Technology!

Your best night's sleep is a few degrees away! ChiliPad™ CUBE 1.1 is an electric mattress pad that heats and cools. The electric mattress pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress so that you sleep comfortably all night long.

The ChiliPad CUBE 1.1 electric mattress pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress by actively circulating water through a network of micro tubes. The mattress pad comes in Single and Dual Zone. The Single Zone has one Cube and cools or warms the bedding surface for one person. The Dual Zone Cube has Dual Temperature Zones on larger beds with 2 Cubes, so the two sides can have different sleep temperatures. The result is the perfect temperature to doze off and get the rest you need to tackle the rest of your day.

The electric mattress pad is designed to fit all standard and extra thick mattresses, this unique 150 thread count, poly-cotton cooling mattress pad uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad. A built in connection tube (48" in length) connects the heating and cooling pad to the Cube. Dual-zone, dual temperature ChiliPads™ have separate tubing and independent control units for each side creating a dual temperature zone.

Control the temperature with the touch of a button, either directly on the control unit or conveniently in bed with the wireless remote control. The Cube cools or warms the water to your set temperature and circulates it through the pad, generally achieving temperatures well below a cool 60 F and easily above a very warm 100 F. A thermostat maintains the set temperature, letting you sleep at your ideal temperature throughout the night.

End battles over the thermostat and save money on your energy bill by cooling or heating your bed instead of your entire house! The control unit averages 80W of energy use, and dual-zone ChiliPad Cubes let you set each side of the bed independently. Fall asleep faster and achieve deeper, restorative sleep longer by controlling your sleep temperature!

What's the value of a good night's sleep? When you look at the actual cost, you can enjoy the benefits of sleeping at your ideal temperature for only 18 cents a night. Plus, the EPA confirms simply adjusting your thermostat 1 degree saves 7% off your cooling or heating costs. Use ChiliPad™ to cool or heat your bed, and save enough in energy to pay for your purchase in less than a year! Keep your pet cool with this Dog House Air Conditioner.

ChiliPad 90-Day Comfort Guarantee
We understand that selecting your mattress and sleep products is one of the most important decisions you can make. With that in mind, we want to help you in making sure that decision is the right one for you. Therefore, we offer a 90-Day Comfort Guarantee with any ChiliPad™.


Chili Technology?
Sleep is as important to your health as food and water. When you sleep well, you feel refreshed, alert and ready to face daily challenges. When you don't, your job, relationships, productivity, health, and your and others safety may all be put at risk. Chili Technology can help you sleep better.

A National Sleep Foundation (NSF) poll found that 74% of American adults are having difficulty sleeping a few nights a week or more, 39% get less than seven hours of sleep each weeknight, and more than one in three (37%) are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with daily activities. In the past century, we have reduced our average time in sleep. Though our society has changed, our brains and bodies have not. Sleep deprivation is affecting us all and we are paying the price.

The body's internal temperature drops during the night, reaching its lowest level about four hours after you begin sleeping. Most sleep scientists believe the ideal sleep temperature is between 60° - 68°F. In general, temperatures above 75°F and below 54°F will disrupt sleep, but achieving the ideal room temperature isn't always simple or affordable. Chili Technology will help you in your battle to achieve restful sleep. Regulating your sleep temperature will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Chili Technologies ChiliPad Cube 1.1 Couple Sleeping


Stages of Sleep
When continuous sleep is experienced you pass through phases and stages of sleep. There are 2 distinct phases of sleep NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) experienced throughout a typical 8 hour period. Both of these phases alternate every 90 minutes. Getting the right mix and enough of both NREM and REM sleep will help you maintain your natural sleep pattern and have restful and restorative sleep. As you begin to fall asleep your body enters NREM. As you approach the end of each NREM set, your body enters REM sleep. NREM takes place approximately 75% of the night and REM accounts for the remaining 25%. REM sleep is necessary to provide energy to the brain and body. During REM you dream, your eyes dart back and fourth, your body becomes relaxed, muscles shut down and your breathing and heart rate may become irregular. This deep sleep is important to daytime performance and may contribute to memory consolidation.

  • Stage 1: Light sleep; between being awake and falling asleep
  • Stage 2: Onset of sleep; becoming disengaged with the environment; breathing and heart rate are regular and body temperature decreases
  • Stage 3 & 4: Deepest and most restorative sleep; blood pressure drops; breathing becomes slower; energy is regained; and hormones are released for growth development

*All information obtained from National Sleep Foundation.

Tips for Restful Sleep
Answer these few questions with a "yes" or "no".

  • Does it often take you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night?
  • Do you wake up frequently during the night - or too early in the morning - and have a hard time going back to sleep?
  • When you awaken, do you feel groggy and lethargic?
  • Do you feel drowsy during the day particularly during monotonous situations?

Choose the right sleep environment. If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, you may have a "sleep debt" that is affecting you in ways you don't even realize. And, you aren't alone. A recent NSF Sleep in America poll found that a majority of American adults experience sleep problems. However, few recognize the importance of adequate rest, or are aware that effective methods of preventing and managing sleep problems now exist. The below are tips that may help you find the restful sleep you have been looking for.

  • Create a cool and comfortable environment
  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine close to bedtime
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Workout at least 3 hours before going to bed
  • Establish a regular relaxing time before bed
  • Take any distractions out of the room
  • Don't nap during the day
  • If you can't go to sleep after 30 minutes get up and involve yourself in a relaxing activity, such as listening to soothing music or reading, until you feel sleepy.

Remember: Try to clear your mind; don't use this time to solve your daily problems.
* All information obtained from National Sleep Foundation.

Who is at Risk for Poor Sleep
Are you having trouble sleeping? Virtually everyone suffers at least an occasional night of poor sleep. However, as the list of "sleep stealers," below, implies certain individuals may be particularly vulnerable. These include students, shift workers, travelers, and persons suffering from acute stress, depression, or chronic pain. Employees working long hours or multiple jobs may find their sleep less refreshing. Older adults also have frequent difficulty with sleep problems, but inadequate sleep is not an inevitable part of the aging process. The total amount of sleep needed isn't reduced. However, many of the issues are combined in the experience of elderly people with impaired health, pain and increased use of medications. Teenagers can have difficulty falling asleep until late at night and awakening early in the morning. Many young adults keep relatively irregular hours and as a group they report higher rates of dissatisfaction with the sleep they are getting. Being overweight increases the risk for sleep apnea.

What are the Biggest "Sleep Stealers"?
  • Environmental Interferences: A distracting sleep environment such as a room that's too hot or cold, too noisy or too brightly lit can disrupt your ability to get a restful sleep. According to researchers the ideal temperature for sleep should range between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Psychological Factors: Stress is considered by most sleep experts to be the No. 1 cause of short-term sleeping difficulties. Common triggers include school or job-related pressures, a family or marriage problem, and a serious illness or death in the family. Usually the sleep problem disappears when the stressful situation passes. However, if short-term sleep problems such as insomnia aren't managed properly from the beginning, they can persist long after the original stress has passed. That's why it's a good idea to talk to a physician about any sleeping problem that recurs or persists for longer than one week. Your doctor can help you take steps early to control or prevent poor sleep. Since insomnia can also be brought on by depression, evaluation by a healthcare professional is essential.
  • Lifestyle Stressors: Without realizing it, you may be doing things during the day or night that can work against getting a good night's sleep. These include drinking alcohol or beverages containing caffeine in the afternoon or evening, exercising close to bedtime, following an irregular morning and nighttime schedule, and working or doing other mentally intense activities right before or after getting into bed.
  • Shift Work: If you are among the 17 percent of employees in the United States who are shift workers, sleep may be particularly elusive. Shift work forces you to try to sleep when activities around you - and your own "biological rhythms" - signal you to be awake. One study shows that shift workers are two to five times more likely than employees with regular, daytime hours to fall asleep on the job.
  • Jet Lag: Still another sleep stealer is jet lag, an inability to sleep caused when you travel across several time zones and your biological rhythms get "out of sync."
  • Physical Factors: A number of physical problems can interfere with your ability to fall or stay asleep. For example, arthritis and other conditions that cause pain, backache, or discomfort can make it difficult to sleep well. Sleep apnea, which is recognized by snoring and interrupted breathing, causes brief awakenings (often unnoticed) and excessive daytime sleepiness. If suspected, a person having signs of sleep apnea should see a doctor. Disorders that cause involuntary limb movements during sleep, such as Restless Legs Syndrome, break up the normal sleep pattern and are also likely to make sleep less refreshing and result in daytime sleepiness. For women, pregnancy and hormonal shifts including those that cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or menopause and its accompanying hot flashes can also intrude on sleep.
  • Medications: In addition, certain medications such as decongestants, steroids and some medicines for high blood pressure, asthma, or depression can cause sleeping difficulties as a side effect.

* All information provided from the National Sleep Foundation

Revolution in Sleep!
If you have not yet achieved your perfect night's sleep or if you do not get enough of it, Chili Technology has the solution. With the ChiliPad™ your best night's sleep is a few degrees away!

Sleep Cooler, Sleep Better

Sleep cooler on the ChiliPad. Millions of people suffer from night sweats, hot flashes, or just being too hot to sleep. The Chili Technology solution adjusts the temperature of your bed between 60°F and 110°F; depending upon several variables as noted in the FAQ; so you can achieve restful sleep. This safe, innovative system creates a balanced temperature to consistently keep you at your desired temperature throughout the night.

The ChiliPad™ use a water circulation system to regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface. The ChiliPad™ fits any size mattress and is available in both single and dual zone control. It is machine washable in a front load washing machine.

Sleep Cooler, Sleep Together: Independent Temperature Control for Couples
ChiliPad offers independent temperature control for couples. Even sleep researchers fail to agree on an exact temperature for sleep. The point at which sleep is interrupted due to temperature or climate conditions varies from person to person and can be affected by bed clothes and bedding materials selected by the sleeper. Even in winter, people who sleep too hot want the bedroom cooler while their partner wants to bundle up. Often a medical condition, like menopause or fibromyalgia, which know no season, can cause one person to sleep hotter than their sleep partner.

The dual zone ChiliPad™ have independent controls, allowing you and your partner to set your individual sleep temperature. Put an end to fans, extra blankets, and battles over the thermostat by controlling the temperature of your side of the bed. With the ChiliPad™ you can adjust the temperature easily with a wireless remote control.

* Information obtained from the National Sleep Foundation.

Energy Savings

Save energy using the ChiliPad vs. your Air Conditioner
Why cool your whole house when you can cool just your bed? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning accounts for 45% of the annual average home energy budget in America. The most effective way to reduce your A/C bill is to raise your thermostat, typically in the evening or at night. This makes it very difficult - if not impossible - for anyone to get a good night's sleep and save energy.

Because Chili Technology lets you change the microclimate of your bed, it can be used 12 months out of the year. So whether you are turning your thermostat down in the winter or up in the summer, you don't have to sacrifice comfortable sleep for your budget.

The control unit averages less than 80W of energy use, and dual-zone ChiliPad Cubes let you set each side of the bed independently, which conserves energy so much more efficiently than turning the thermostat on the entire night. When you look at the actual cost, you can enjoy the benefits of sleeping at your ideal temperature for only 18 cents a night. Plus, the EPA confirms that adjusting your thermostat by 1 degree saves 7% off your cooling or heating costs. Use the ChiliPad CUBE to sleep to your preferred temperature, and save enough in energy to pay for your purchase in less than a year!


Size Controls
Single, 30" X 75" Single Zone - Single Control
Twin, 38" X 75" Single Zone - Single Control
Twin XL, 38" X 80" Single Zone - Single Control
Full, 53" X 75" Single Zone - Single Control
Half California King, 36" X 84" Single Zone - Single Control
Queen, 60" X 80" Dual Zone - Dual Controls
King, 76" X 80" Dual Zone - Dual Controls
California King, 72" X 84" Dual Zone - Dual Controls

Looking for a split Queen/King unit for half of the bed?

In the event that a couple or partners own a larger size of mattress, but only one member would like the benefits of temperature control, we do offer single zone sizes that will accommodate this in the following sizes:

  • Single 30" x 75" (for a Split or 1/2 Queen)
  • Twin 38"x 75" or Twin XL 38" x 80" (for a Split or 1/2 King)
  • Half Cal King 36" x 84" (for a Split or 1/2 California King)



Chili Technology Routine Maintenance

Recommendations for keeping your Chili Technology system running efficiently for years of great sleep:

Cleaning Tips
  • Periodically remove and clean dust screen at the intake vent under the handle.
  • Use can of compressed air (or similar) to blow through the intake vent under the handle removing dust and debris.
  • Periodically add one cap full of hydrogen peroxide into the reservoir to keep the circulation system clean. Procedure: Set temperature to 75 degrees F. Remove the reservoir cap and add the Hydrogen Peroxide. LEAVE THE RESERVIOR CAP OFF. The HP will react with the dirt or other foreign particles to clean the system. Once the reaction has stopped (bubbles no longer form), replace the cap, reset the temperature to your desired sleep temperature and enjoy.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have added any other substance to your water reservoir previously (such as vinegar), please flush they system before adding hydrogen peroxide.
Operational Tips
  • Insure there is ample space around the control unit for ventilation. The Control unit utilizes fresh air to cool the electronics, so sufficient fresh air is necessary for optimal performance and long life of your system. Clearance of 24 inches on all sides is recommended.
  • Frequently inspect the connection tubes to insure there are no kinks or restrictions that may prevent free flow of the water through your system.

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