Bordz-Up Skateboard Display and Storage Rack

Bordz-Up Skateboard Display and Storage Rack

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Display Your Skateboard, Not Your Rack!

Bordz-Up totally unique "three point" gripping system firmly holds and locks your skateboard vertically in place without scratching, warping, or otherwise harming your board. This innovative system converts the "gravitation force" being generated by the weight of the board into "horizontal pressure", which then firmly locks the board into place. The display system automatically fits the unique size and shape of each board, leaving only the pressure points visible.

Storing and displaying your skateboard is quick and easy. Just push your board into the rack and let go. When you're ready to roll again, just pull the board free from the skateboard wall hanger and you're on your way.

Additional Features:
  • Manufactured using aircraft-grade anodized aluminum base, neoprene grips, nylon bushing and powder coated steel arms.
  • Withstands daily wear and tear season after season
  • Can be mounted on any flat vertical surface or wall with just two screws
  • Installation is quick and hassle free
  • No assembly required
  • Holds 1 Freestyle Skateboard (6.5 inches to 8.75 inches wide or 16.5cm to 22.3cm wide)

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