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Organic Cotton Build-A-Bumper Bed

Organic Cotton Build-A-Bumper Bed
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    As featured in the June 2010 issue of Sunset magazine.
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    Original Build-A-Bumper

    Your dog deserves to rest in the bed of luxury!

    Get the comfy bed your pet deserves, in the color style that looks great in your home, while buying and supporting green! We are happy to offer four new beautiful colors to join the already popular “Basil” green option. Sleep guilt free from mother nature!

    The Organic Bumper Bed® is made with a removable organic cotton cover, helping our Earth by reducing the amount of chemicals we put into the ground. The cushion used on the inside of the bed is made from 100% recycled IntelliLoft, which was previously plastic soda bottles. Since it takes less energy to clean and recycle plastic bottles than it does to make new plastic, you are not only helping keep plastic from going to landfills, but lowering the carbon footprint too. With a clean, fresh feel there is no better bed out there for your pooch, for you, and for the environment. Try it out with your allergic, sensitive or orthopedic pups.

    Even better this bed is Certified Safe by third party testing! You and your furry friend can rest comfortably, knowing that every part of this bed has been rigorously tested for over 100 potentially harmful substances and found to be 100% Safe! Sweet dreams for everyone in the house!

    Machine washable with a zippered opening for easy washing. Made in Montana, USA.

    • Organic cotton grown free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers
    • Supreme comfort for all pets, sighs of releif for sensitive pets
    • Stuffed with 100% recycled IntelliLoft Fiber Fill
    • IntelliLoft Fiber Fill has a thick denier that creates a fluffy, bounce back filling that holds up and gives pets a comfortable rest night after night
    • Removable cover with zippered opening
    • Machine washable cover. IntelliLoft is created from 100% recycled PETE plastic bottles so it is not only machine washable, but it washes clean, eliminating those unwanted pet odors
    • Available in five mix and match colors; Basil, Huckleberry, Ember, Gold, and Stillwater
    • Five sizes available
    • Made in the USA
    Organic Cotton Build-A-Bumper Bed Sizing Chart*
    Size Dimensions Inside Dimensions #Bottles Recycled With Optional K&H Heater
    XSmall, $79.00 18" x 16" x 6" 11" x 8" 6.6 bottles with 4 watt Heater, $103.95
    Small, $99.00 23" x 19" x 7" 14" x 8" 9.90 bottles with 4 watt Heater, $123.95
    Medium, $129.00 28" x 25" x 9" 18" x 15" 18.75 bottles with 4 watt Heater, $153.95
    Large, $159.00 37" x 32" x 9" 24" x 20" 28.35 bottles with 6 watt Heater, $188.95
    XLarge, $189.00 44" x 37" x 9" 32" x 25" 37.50 bottles with 13 watt Heater, $223.95
    * This size guide is for suggestion only.

    Note: We have added the option of including a K&H Heated Pet Bed Warmer. You may want to order a different size than the size included on this page. Please see the full list of Pet Bed Warmer sizes by clicking here.
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