How to De-Winterize Your Vehicle

Now that it looks like temperatures are warming up in many places, you should spend a few hours de-winterizing your vehicle to get it ready for spring. This process usually involves reversing all the things you did to winterize it in the first place, plus a couple extra detailing steps to remove any lingering road salt that may corrode sensitive areas such as the undercarriage or muffler. Here’s what we recommend doing:

spring car

  • Remove all floor mats and thoroughly vacuum and/or wash them
  • Vacuum all exposed carpeting throughout the rest of the vehicle
  • Clean the exterior of your vehicle by taking it to a commercial car wash that offers power jets and an under-spray to remove accumulated road salt, dried slush, dirt, sand, and other debris
  • Follow up the commercial wash with a hand wash that focuses on the wheel wells, bumpers, door frames, and other places that might have been missed
  • If desired, use auto detailing clay to remove any remaining contaminants and particles that might damage your paint
  • Change your winter or snow tires back to all-season tires
  • Swap out your winter emergency kit for one that is geared towards summer
  • Remove and carefully store all heated car seat pads, travel electric blankets, and heated pet beds that you may have been using in your vehicle during the winter

There’s no question that the extreme temperatures, road salt, sand, and other chemicals your car is routinely exposed to in winter can really take a toll on its looks and performance. So do yourself a favor and follow the above de-winterizing tips to help extend the life of your vehicle.