SkiChair Ski Chairs & Snowboard Benches

Customize your own Skichair™ or bench! We have over 122 different skis or 41 different snowboard models and color combinations to choose from. We'll build it and have it ready for delivery within two weeks.

Skichairs are made from re-cycled blemished and lightly used snow skis or snowboard products. They can be left outside for years. Made from 100% cedar with stainless steel fasteners, while the bench legs are made from 100% re-cycled plastic. All ski-chairs come with ottomans and are anatomically curved for maximum comfort with extra long arms. Plans are also available for those who dare to tackle the project themselves!
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Skichairs are 100% handmade with five-quarter inch Port Orford Cedar, the finest most durable material for outdoor use, and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. Hand Made Skichairs, come complete with matching ottoman.

Benches are made entirely of recycled products and utilize recycled skis and boards. The legs are made from recycled plastics.

Skichair products reflect the passion and lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts in their relaxation!

You play in style, Rest in Style

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Heated Ski Boot Bag
and Gear Dryer

Heat your ski boots on the way to the slopes, making hard boots warm and more comfortable to wear all day!
Dry your boots & gear on the way home!