Warm & Safe Women's Heated Base Layer

Warm & Safe Women's Heated Base Layer
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    Stay Warm On, Or Off Your Bike!

    We our proud to introduce the Warm & Safe Heated Base Layer. This versatile NEW light weight heated layer will keep you warm on or off of your bike. It comes with a portable 7.4 volt battery but also can be plugged into a 12 volt DC power source, with our optional 12v kit. The base layer has 7 areas of heat; your chest, upper arms, neck, upper back, and lower back. Use the 7.4 volt portable battery when off your bike and then switch to the 12 volt DC power source to power the base layer when on your bike.

    Balancing heat, time, and weight was the challenge. The greater the voltage, the greater the weight for the amps you need because as you increase voltage you increase the need for more amps. More amps, again, more weight. Then, when more voltage is used, such as a car or a power supply off the main power of your motorcycle, the base layer would get too warm. Warm & Safe have solved the problem with their new Base Layer Heat-troller.

    • 7 areas of heat: The chest, upper arms, neck, upper back and lower back
    • Includes new remote heat-troller
    • Designed by an avid woman rider, made for the curves of a woman
    • Adjustable between 3% and 100% power
    • Battery recharges within 4.5 hours
    • Color: Red and Black
    Your Order Includes:
    • 1 Red Base Layer
    • 1 7.4V 5.4amp Battery
    • 1 - Recharger (100v - 220v)
    • 1 - New Single Remote Heat-troller
    • 1 - 10" Extension cord
    • 1 - Battery Belt Pouch
    You Choose:
    • Option 1: 7.4V 5.2A Battery with Belt Pouch & US Plug Charger, $199.95
      The base layer for use only on 7.4V to 9V.
      You will get a 7.4V controller, an extension cable to go from the base layer to the battery, battery charger and a battery belt pouch.
    • Option 2: 7.4V 5.2A Battery with Belt Pouch & US Plug Charger, 12v Kit, $299.95
      The base layer for use with all voltages between 6.8 and 18V.*
      You will get the New Single Remote Heat-troller, 7.4V 5.4amp battery, battery charger, the extension cable and Battery Belt Pouch. The 12V Kit includes the following: 12V Battery Harness, 12V adapter cable, car power plug cable.*

    Approximate Battery Run Time per Power Level
    High 3 hours
    Medium 5 hours
    Low 7 hours

    *Note: With the new remote heat-troller, it can take power from our 7.4volt battery or a 12volt source, from 6.8 volts to 18 volts with only a designed increase in watts. To use the base layer with a 12V power source, you must choose Option 2 unless you already have our 12V Kit.

    Warm & Safe Women's Sizing Chart (in Inches)*
    Size Chest** Dress Size Arm Length***
    XSmall 30-32" 2-4 31"
    Small 33-34" 6-8 31.5"
    Medium 35-37" 10-12 32"
    Large 38-40" 14-16 33"
    XLarge 41-43" 18-20 34"
    * This size guide is for suggestion only.
    ** For your chest size, measure around the fullest area of the chest,
    holding the measuring tape level and firm.

    *** To measure Arm Length: With elbow bent, measure from the center
    of the back of neck, then over top of the shoulder, then over the
    elbow and down to the wrist. Since this is a liner it is not as important
    that the arm length be perfect.

    Measuring Tips
    Here are some tips to help you order the correct size. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler.
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