Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner

Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner
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    Small Room Air Conditioner
    Heats or Cools Outdoor Sheds, Garages, Job Site Trailers and More!

    This item is brand new to the market. Made for small to medium size outdoor enclosures, this unit ideally heats and cools spaces 350 - 1,200 cubic feet enclosures.

    Perfect to heat or cool your outdoor shed, garage, job site trailer, work space, outside man cave, etc. Based on a 2-hose air intake/outflow system. Runs on 110v standard electric. Modest consumption and quiet! Easily programmed by setting unit for heating or cooling mode, or simply on automatic mode. Then, set your desired temperature and fan speed on our digital display. That's it!

    Accessory kit included for everything needed for hookup.

    • Ideal for Small - Medium Spaces
    • Heats OR Cools
    • Portable, Lightweight
    • Safe, Eco-friendly
    • Advanced Programming
    • Digital Display and Controls
    • Have a Smaller Space?
      Room Coverage
      27-350 Cubic Feet

      Dog House
      Heater & AC
    • Energy Efficient - Low
    • Dehumidifies
    • Indoor & Outdoor Usage
    • Easy installation, takes approximately 15-30 minutes
    • Room Coverage: Up to 12'L x 12'W x 8'H Room
    • Cooling Capacity (Room Enclosure Size)*: Up to 1200 Cu. Ft.
    • Warranty 1 Year Limited for all failures provided normal usage and handling.
    • Unit Weight (lbs.): 55.0000
    • Cooling BTU: 5000
    • Heating BTU: 4300
    • Room Coverage*: Up to 12'L x 12'W x 8'H Room
    • CFM: 152
    • Volts: 115V
    • Cooling Watts: 700W
    • Cooling Amps (Startup): 13.5A
    • Cooling Amps (Operating): 6.2A
    • Heating Watts: 1200W
    • Heating Amps (Startup): 9.5A
    • Heating Amps (Operating): 9.5A
    • Cooling Capacity (Room Enclosure Size) *: Up to 1200 Cu. Ft.
    • Dehumidifying (pts./hr): 1.1
    • Thermostat: Digital w/ Infrared Remote Control
    • Control Panel Features: Digital Temperature Display, IR Remote Control Sensor
    • Remote Control Features: Temperature, Fan & Mode Control, Auto On/Off Timer, Sleep Function
    • Case Dimension (Boxed): 21.7"L x 21.1"W x 21.3"H
    • Unit Dimensions: 18"L x 14.1"W x 15.1"H
    • Unit Weight (lbs): 55
    • Shipping Weight (lbs.): 62
    • Assembly Kit (Required): Quick Connect Hose and Flange Kit Included (For Most Walls)
    • Refrigerant: R410a
    • Air Filter: Removable Nylon Mesh Air Filter
    • Noise: 55 Decibels
    • Recommended Generator: 2000W
    • Warrantied Outside Temperature Range: Less Than 110F

    * Depends and varies widely based on r-factor (insulation), ambient temperature, humidity, etc

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