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RAXSTARS Roof Snowboard Rack

RAXSTARS Roof Snowboard Rack
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    Item: Roof-Snowboard-Rack


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    RAXSTARS Roof Ski Rack

    Brilliantly Simple and Secure Way to Carry Snowboards on Any Car Rack

    Rastars Snowboard Racks are universal rooftop carriers that fit any cross bar (round, oval, square....factory or sport racks). They have 5-10x more clamping force than traditional racks!

    Ultra compact: stores in the gloves box and installs with a snowboard in under a minute... removes in seconds.

    No tools required with a built in locking mechanism that accept any standard padlock. Unique aerodynamic, "bombproof' design eliminates annoying wind noise and drag.

    • Fits any vehicle Roof rack with crossbars
    • Fully locking with a standard padlock (not included)
    • No tools or assembly required
    • Installs in less than a minute
    • Easily stores in a Glove box

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    The below videos feature this RAXSTARS Snowboard Rack and also the RAXSTARS Ski Rack which is sold separately.

    Note: Lock and bungee strap NOT included in your order

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