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Rolling Cart Attachment

Rolling Cart Attachment
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    Rolling Cart Attachment. Storage Rack NOT included.

    Dimensions**: The Cart bars are 36" (two of the side). The other side dimensions will vary demanding on the Rack size.

    Fits the following Snowboard, Wakeboard, Skateboard and Surfboard Storage Racks:
    - 16 Snowboard/Wakeboard Rack Freestanding (MO-SM16)
    - 32 Snowboard/Wakeboard Rack Freestanding (MO-SM32)
    - 32 Skateboard Rack (MO-SK - 32 Free Standing Skateboard Racks ONLY)
    - 12 Surfboard Storage Rack (MO-SF12)
    - 24 Surfboard Storage Rack (MO-SF24)

    This Cart ONLY works with the above listed Racks.

    **Dimensions of the Cart will vary depending on which Rack you use with this Cart.

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