Ice Dozer Ergonomic Ice Scraper

Ice Dozer Ergonomic Ice Scraper
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    Ice Dozer Ice Scraper and Snow Remover

    Ice Dozer is an ice scraper designed to manhandle ice and frost 2-3 times faster than most regular ice scrapers. The 7" wide scraper blade has teeth for clearing ice, and an edge that flexes to follow the curvature of your windshield for total contact with the surface at all times. Its ergonomic pistol grip was designed so the user's wrist can be kept in a neutral position while pushing against snow or ice.

    • Flexible scraping blade contours and curves to any windshield
    • Clears ice and frost 2-3 times faster than regular ice scrapers
    • Three blades In one:
      - Smooth front blade for frost
      - Forward-facing teeth to crack the ice
      - Rugged "Carbide-style" teeth to crack stubborn, heavy ice
    • Front plow pushes snow and ice ahead of you, away from sleeves and wrists
    • Tough, durable construction for years of use
    • Ergonomic handles to give you all the grip you'll need
    • Dimensions: 7.25" x 4.25" x 18.25"
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Made in USA

    The IceDozer is a breakthrough solution for one of the least-liked winter activities, scraping frost and ice from auto windshields. Ice scrapers currently on the market fail to work effectively because they use a straight scraping blade to clear ice from curved windshields. As a result, each pass produces just a narrow cleared surface. Most have weak and flimsy blades not tough enough for hard ice and cheap handles that give no leverage and are awkward to use. The heart of the IceDozer innovation is its flexible scraping blade that conforms to the shape of the windshield, to clear a wide band of glass. The effectiveness of this unique cutting surface is dramatically amplified through a system that harnesses the natural ergonomic forces of arm and shoulder movement. The Ice Dozer also features three distinct blades to tackle virtually any kind of ice build-up with a minimum of effort.

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