Watertight Cable Extender - 25 Feet

Watertight Cable Extender - 25 Feet
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    The 25-Foot Watertight Cable Extender can be used with Residential Walkway Mats, Residential Stair Mats, and Industrial Stair Mats. The cable extension is not compatible with Industrial Walkway Mats. Multiple cable extenders can be connected together to create custom length cables. The 25-Foot Cable Extender and 20-Inch Cable Extender can also be connected together.

    If the electrical outlet on your house or facility is further than 6' from the heated mats you will need to use an outdoor rated cable extender. This 25-Foot Watertight Cable Extender will provide an additional level of protection against water and moisture than other outdoor rated extension cords. This watertight cable extender was designed with our Heated Snow Melting Walkway and Stair Mats in mind and will only work with our products. To ensure a watertight seal, the cable extender has the same patented connectors as the heated walkway and stair mats.

    Length of extension cable: 25'

    Cable Gauge: 14/3 SJTW

    Watertight Cable Extender - 25 Feet works with the following products ONLY:
    You can find helpful configuration information in the Residential Snow Melting Mats and Stair Treads Buying Guide

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