Gerbing 12v Flex Pack Kit

Gerbing 12v Flex Pack Kit
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    The Gerbing 12V 128FP FlexPack Battery allows untethered battery power for your jacket Gerbing jacket liners. The new, thin, "FlexPack" battery, designed to slip into the back pocket of the jackets. The Flex Pack Battery is flexible and can shape itself to the gentle curve of your back. The individual cells are wrapped in an abrasion-resistant Kevlar layer, and the long battery lead makes connecting easy. Plus, the FlexPack Battery features a wireless remote control with 3 heat levels and the capability to recharge while riding or from an AC wall plug.

    Integrates seamlessly with the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner.

    The Flex Pack Battery Kit comes complete with FlexPack Battery, wall charger, one remote control, and Gerbing's Intelligent Power Management Control (IPMC). The IPMC works only with the 128FP battery and serves multiple functions.

    • It receives and processes the control signals from the remote controller
    • It directs power from the battery to the jacket when you're not connected to a bike
    • And it directs bike power to the jacket when connected to the bike, and simultaneously directs power back to the 128FP battery to recharge it as you ride
    Note: Flex Pack Battery is intended for use with a jacket liner only with a total power output of 10 amps.

    WARNING: It is important that you charge your battery regularly and that you maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use or left idle. Batteries must only be used with products with an amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the battery. In the case of Gerbing's 128MV and 128FP batteries, that would be a maximum discharge rate of 8amps. Lithium-polymer battery packs can be recharged at state of discharge, without memory effect.

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