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Reknitz Reclaimed Cotton Dog Sweater

Reknitz Reclaimed Cotton Dog Sweater
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    Eco-chic Answer to Cold Weather

    Popular Reknitz® dog sweaters are more than just stylish - they are Eco Friendly! Heavy reclaimed cotton yarn provides more stretch to easily slide on and off over doggie heads and legs. These simple, stylish dog sweaters are made in the USA from reclaimed cotton fibers. Each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes...or even farmland! Made with 76% reclaimed cotton, these cozy, earth-friendly dog sweater are back in hipper, brigher and bolder colors.

    The reclaimed cotton fibers that make up Reknitz® dog sweaters are derived from pre-consumer textile table cuttings. The cotton remnants are cleaned and separated by color into raw fibers that are then blended with a small amount of new acrylic fibers and spun into cozy yarn. These warm dog sweaters prevent the extra scraps of cotton from becoming waste or being incinerated. Made with pride in the USA.

    • Eco-friendly, hip and comfortable cotton dog sweater
    • Smart design makes this stretchy, struggle-free cotton dog sweater a fashionable choice
    • Easily accomodates harnesses and leashes
    • Machine washable (cold) and dryer safe (low/delicate)
    • Made in the USA
    Reknitz Pet Sweaters*
    Size Fits Dogs
    12 Fits Most Dogs 12" to 14"
    14 Fits Most Dogs 14" to 16"
    16 Fits Most Dogs 16" to 18"
    18 Fits Most Dogs 18" to 20"
    20 Fits Most Dogs 20" to 22"
    22 Fits Most Dogs 22" to 24"
    24 Fits Most Dogs 24" to 26"
    * This size guide is for suggestion only.


    To Determine which size Reknitz sweater will best fit your dog, simply measure your dog from the collar on thier neck to the base of their tail. Then use the size guide to the left to determine which size is right for your dog. You'll find that the guide is for "most dogs".

    If your dog has a very thin frame, you may choose to order a size smaller. The sweater may not cover the entire back of your dog, but the sweater may fit your dog's chest better.

    If your dog has a larger than average build, you may choose to order a size larger than suggested in the chart to the left.

    When you receive your sweater, if it is obviously too big or to small for your four legged friend, please contact us to exchange the sweater for another size before putting it on your dog.


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