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    1. DryGuy DG1 Widebody - Boot & Glove Dryer

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DryGuy DG1 Widebody - Boot & Glove Dryer

DryGuy DG1 Widebody - Boot & Glove Dryer
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    The DryGuy Wide-Body gently dries all kinds of boots, liners, shoes or gloves in about an hour - warming in less - while offering maximum liner protection and eliminating unpleasant odor.

    Ski and Snowboard boots are normally hard to dry and usually take longer than one night to Air-Dry...The DryGuy Widebody uses gently warmed "Forced Air" technology to dry boots, gloves, shoes and accessories in about One Hour!

    The approximate temperature of the air coming out at the nozzle is 99°F / 38°C, warm enough to dry without causing damage. The Wide-Body dries quickly, efficiently and quietly, eliminating moisture and preventing growth of bacteria and mold.

    • Heat or No Heat Switch
    • 3 Hour Timer
    • Super Fast Drying Time
    • 4 Extra Tall Air Chambers

      Wider base (3cm more width & depth) then signature DRYGUY model
    • Heats to 99° Fahrenheit - will not harm any liners or garments
    • Kills Odor
    • High impact Lightweight Construction
    • Push Button Disassembly
    • Accommodates four garments
    • Dries by moving large volumes of warm air over the interior and exterior surfaces of the garment
    • Provides ambient (room temperature) air or air that is heated to an average 99 degrees for safe, even heat
    • Dry Time - Approximate 1 - 2 hours
    • Power - 110 volt ac household outlet
    • Controls - 3 hour timer and Heat ON/OFF switch
    • Max. Temperature - 99°F / 38°C
    • Cord - 6' Length
    • Weight - 2.7 lbs

      ETL Listed
    • Quiet - 80,000 Hour-rated Whisper Quiet Rotary Blower
    • Material - High quality thermoset plastics
    • UL Listed - To assure safe operation
    • Warranty - One year
    • Feet and hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch
    • Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor
    • Cold is caused by the loss of heat
    • Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments
    • Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers

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