Cool Comfort Cushion

Cool Comfort Cushion
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    Cool Comfort Cushion - Cooling Gel Seat Cushion

    The Cooling Gel Seat Cushion provides instant cooling without requiring batteries, refrigeration, or electrical power. Advanced scientific formulation of all natural ingredients initiates the transfer of body heat into the cushion, allowing the body to cool down instantly. The cooling cushion will actually change its physical state from a firm gelatin / bystalline consistency to a liquid state.

    Use the cooling cushion during extended periods of sitting to dissipate heat that builds up. Use the cooling cushion to relieve pressure points. You can use the chair cushion in any seat including your office chair, car seat, or bench. Imagine watching that summer sports event sitting on a cool pad. The cooling cushion provides up to two hours of cooling, you can easily regenerate the chair cushion by placing it in a cool, shaded area for a few minutes. The product can be used over and over again.

    Dimensions: 14" W x 18" D x 1/2" H, 6 lbs

    • Portable and Lightweight
    • All Natural Ingredients
    • Lasts for Hours at a Time
    • Relax Tense Muscles
    • Improves Circulation
    • Safe to Use Regularly
    • Breakthrough Technology in Cold Therapy
    Note: The weight limit for this product is 300 lbs.

    Wow, this product really works! I put it on my mid-back in my office chair during a warm summer day and was cooled. No refrigeration or dripping water, just instant relief. I've even used it under my feet, while at my desk and it kept my feet cool all day. I have many friends complaining about their nightly hot flashes, using this product under their back would be a nice relief without dampness. What a great gift idea. Wish I would have known about this product when my kids were young, all those little league games in the hot sun on those hard benches, I could have used a cool cushion.

    Eileen R., California

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