Automatic Pet Waterer

Automatic Pet Waterer
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    Provides Consistent Fresh Water for Your Dog or Cat

    The Automatic Pet Waterer is just the right size for home use and blends with your decor. It connects to any standard garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your dog or cat while you are away.

    The pet waterer is made from durable polypropylene, is easy to clean, and is sun resistant. The water bowl uses an internal float and valve system. When your pet drinks and the water level drops, the valve opens and replenishes the water supply. As the bowl refills, the float rises and closes the valve. This simple but effective system will not overflow, and no training is required for your pet to use it.

    The 2 quart bowl is ideal for dogs and cats of all sizes.

    • Connects to any garden hose
    • Provides consistent fresh water for your pet
    • Easily cleaned
    • Sun resistant
    • Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes
    • Will not overflow
    • No training required

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