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    1. PupHut - Shelter and Truck-bed Shade for Dogs

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PupHut - Shelter and Truck-bed Shade for Dogs

PupHut - Shelter and Truck-bed Shade for Dogs
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    Pet Travel Canopy!

    PupHut not only shades your pet from the sun and many weather conditions, it also provides a protective barrier that helps keep road debris and flying particles from entering your dog's eyes, ears nose and throat. Veterinarians agree and approve of PupHut because they treat thousands of dogs every year from the conditions their owners unknowingly expose them to while riding unprotected in the bed of a pick-up truck.

    PupHut pet travel canopy includes a 3-Point Dog Truck Restraint giving your dog the protection they need and deserve. Many states now require by law that your dog be restrained properly within the truck-bed. The 3-Point Dog Truck Restraint keeps your dog away from the sides of the truck-bed where they could fall or be thrown over the side.

    The pet canopy is made of heavy-duty powder coated steel frame and a UV protective coating to withstand the outdoor elements. PupHut fits most full size pickup trucks without the need of tools or any alteration of the pick up bed, and can be removed in seconds when not needed. PupHut can be installed on trucks with the inside measurements from bed-rail to bed-rail of 60.50" to 65.5". In addition, when installed it is 17" high from the top of the bed-rail to the top of the PupHut to accommodate large dogs and most commercially available pet crates.

    PupHut Features:
    • Provides shade for pets
    • Provides a protective barrier for your pet from road debris and the elements
    • Provides UV protection
    • Included 3-Point Dog Truck Restraints
    • Heavy Duty - Designed to be used during everyday driving
    • Simple to Use
    PutHut Specifications:
    • Package Dimensions: 32" x 20" x 4"
    • Package Weight: Approx. 40 lbs
    • When installed, it is 17" high from the top of the bed-rail
    • Width: Adjustable 61" - 65"
    • Depth: 31.5"
    • Color: Black
    • Made in the USA
    PutHut Package Contains:
    • 1- 18 oz. Coated Vinyl Cover
    • 4- Powder Coated Frame Tubes.
    • 2- Powder Coated Center Adjuster Tubes
    • 2- Powder Coated Base Plates
    • 1- Powder Coated Stiffener Rod
    • 4- Heavy Duty Aluminum Clamps
    • 1- 3-Point Dog Truck Restraint
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does PupHut fit all pickups?
    PupHut fits most full size pickups; a compact size is coming soon.

    Is PupHut light weight and easy to use?
    PupHut weighs less than 40 lbs. and is simple to use.

    Can PupHut be used on the road
    PupHut is designed to be used during everyday driving.

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