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Tuckered Out Orthopedic Dog Bed

Tuckered Out Orthopedic Dog Bed
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    Perfect orthopedic choice for older dogs, yet still a favorite of young dogs and puppies!

    Ease and comfort is the name of the game. Featuring a rounded bolster for added support and an open front to allow for easy access, our Tuckered Out® bed is the perfect choice for both the older pet dogs and the new born puppies...and everyone in between.

    Made with our reinforced berber material for cozy warmth and stylish strength, our bed gives snuggling a whole new meaning! Thick denier 100% recycled IntelliLoft® poly fill gives added volume, allowing maximum comfort without lumping or condensing.

    New two pillow design provides even more comfort and support for large dogs. The redesigned front also makes it easier for puppies and older dogs to climb in and out of. Cover easily zips off for quick washes. Entire Tuckered Out® bed is machine washable, making it easy maintenance. Loved by Dogs... and even Cats too!

    • Improved rounded rear bolster for more support
    • Open front for easy access
    • Stuffed with 100% recycled long-staple IntelliLoft fiber fill for maximum comfort
    • IntelliLoft fiber fill creates a fluffy, bounce back filling that holds up and gives pets a comfortable rest night after night
    • Zipper closure
    • Machine washable
    • Made in the USA

    Turning trash into dreams
    Our dog beds get their resilient, long-lasting loft from an unexpected source—plastic bottles recycled into our exclusive IntelliLoft® stuffing.

    Wash, dry, snooze, repeat.
    Our dog beds may feature luxurious, silky-soft fabrics (like Organic Cotton and Hemp) but they don’t need special care—they’re all easily refreshed with a single wash and dry.

    Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
    Each dog bed is sewn by hand, with care and craftsmanship, at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana.

    Washing Details

    For quick washes (covers only):
    • Machine Wash on COLD/COLD.
    • Machine Dry on LOW heat.
    For deeper cleanings, you may wash the entire bed. Since every washer and dryer are different, we recommend different strategies to different people. If you have a machine that is known to be tough on clothing (catching or tearing fabric), then we suggest you leave the insert pillow in its cover during the wash. However, if your washer machine is a front loading machine with a gentle history, then you may separate the pillow insert from the cover, inspect inserts, and wash all parts:
    • Machine Wash on COLD/COLD using GENTLE cycle.
    • Machine Dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY. (See note #2 below)
    Important Notes:
    If there is a tear in the white covering, or if an area of weakness is noticed, be sure to have these areas fixed or replaced before washing. If a damaged pillow is washed, the IntelliLoft® fill could clog drains (not to mention is no fun to clean up).

    When drying our larger size beds, be sure that the bed is freely tumbling. If one area of the bed is pushed against the heating element and does not rotate, the heat could damage the fabric.

    Be sure to "zip close" any zippers. This helps protect the zipper during the wash and gives it a longer life.
    Tuckered Out Ortho Dog Bed*
    Size Dimensions #Bottles Recycled With Optional K&H Heater
    Small, $79.00 24" x 19" x 7"
    Inside: 13" X 15"
    4.5 bottles with 4 watt Heater, $103.95
    Medium, $109.00 34" x 22" x 7"
    Inside: 14" X 22"
    9.75 bottles with 4 watt Heater, $133.95
    Large, $139.00 42" x 29" x 7 "
    Inside: 28" X 21"
    18 bottles with 6 watt Heater, $168.95
    XLarge, $169.00 50" x 32" x 7"
    Inside: 33" X 23"
    25.50 bottles with 13 watt Heater, $203.95
    * This size guide is for suggestion only.

    Note: We have added the option of including a K&H Heated Pet Bed Warmer. You may want to order a different size than the size included on this page. Please see the full list of Pet Bed Warmer sizes by clicking here.
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