Chilly Bone Dog Chew

Chilly Bone Dog Chew
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    Large 7" Chilly Bone

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    Freezable Chew Toys

    The unique Chilly Bone is the "coolest" dog bone around! Chilly Bones contain a unique non-toxic water absorbing sponge that can be frozen again and again!

    This toy will "freeze" your dog in it's tracks... and make them "shiver" with excitement!

    These freezable toys are great for teething pets and for cooling off your pet during the dog days of summer. The vanilla scented canvas outside helps to freshen breath.

    Chilly Bone Features:
    • Can be frozen again and again
    • Helps to clean dogs teeth and gums
    • Vanilla flavored canvas outside material
    • Orders include a re-sealable plastic bag for placing wet bone in freezer
    Chilly Bone Specifications:
    • Outside Material: Canvas
    • Inside Material: Unique non-toxic water absorbing sponge
    • Size: Large 7" Chilly Bone

    How to Use: Soak the Chilly Bone in water. Once soaked, place the canvas Chilly Bone into the resealable bag (included), freeze for an hour. Now, watch your pet enjoy the frozen chewy.

    Note: Please be responsible when giving your pet a chew toy. Toys should be inspected periodically to ensure that parts have not been chewed loose. Do NOT permit your pet to continue playing with a toy if it is broken or damaged in any way.
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