Heat-troller Temp-Controllers

Heat-troller Temp-Controllers -- simply put they are the best temperature controllers for 12v heated clothing on the planet. Don't be fooled by imitations. Our Heat-trollers's are designed and manufactured in the USA.

All WarmGear™ Heated Clothing forms a true interconnected system, so every item connects to the other. You can wear a jacket liner, gloves, pant liner and socks with only a single connection to your battery. Learn more...
All WarmGear™ Heated Clothing, connectors and accessories are fully compatible with Heat-Troller, Warm & Safe, Harley-Davidson, and Gerbing Heated Clothing, coax connectors and accessories.

Gerbing's is a trademark of Gerbing's Heated Clothing, Inc. (Gerbings™)
Harley-Davidson is a trademark of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company