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PEET Boot, Shoe, Wader and Glove Dryers

The dry-feet-by-Peet legacy began in 1968, the inventor and sportsman Gene Peet developed the very first footwear dryer. He did it because he simply got fed up with waking up to soggy boots. After making dryers to satisfy pleading friends and relatives, Gene decided that his invention was worth starting a business.

The strong dedication to listening to customer's needs have been an inherit part of the success of PEET Dryers. Today, PEET® Dryers are made in several different models and are widely recognized for their durability.
PEET Boot Dryers

Innovation, durability, longevity, and quality manufacturing—the hallmarks of PEET boot dryers. For almost 50 years, PEET has set the standard for keeping winter gear dry and fresh. The company prides itself on product quality and customer service, offering a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for many of its products.

The energy efficient PEET Original and PEET Multi warm and dry one and two pairs of boots, respectively. Perfect for home use, PEET boot dryers simply blend into the tableau of winter. Silent, thermal convection drying allows PEET dryers to remain plugged in continuously, without creating a safety hazard. The dryers conserve space by offering frequently worn boots or shoes a place to rest, warming until they are ready to be worn.PEET Wader Dryers employ the same technology and design as the PEET Original and the PEET Multi.  

The only difference lies in the 12-inch extensions, included to make the PEET Original tall enough to dry waders. As the seasons change, extensions can be removed to configure the unit for drying boots and shoes.The PEET Advantage Boot and Shoe Dryer celebrates the type of innovation that made PEET a worldwide brand. The Advantage uses a fan to push heated air through the boots, speeding the drying time to between one to three hours. While ordinary drying tames the growth of bacteria, the Advantage’s ionizer obliterates troublesome organisms that cause irritated skin and smelly gear. The ionizer gets gear cleaner, and clean gear simply lasts longer.

In keeping with the PEET vision to produce quality, lasting goods, both the PEET Original models and the PEET Advantage come with attachments for drying additional gear, like helmets and gloves. No need to buy a separate unit. Simply change the attachments as needed. PEET also offers a PeeWee Footwear Drying Attachment for kids boots and shoes. PEET began almost 50 years ago as a tiny company working out of the founder’s kitchen and now boasts international reach. PEET products have achieved legendary status with outdoor enthusiasts who know the value of dry gear.