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DryX Custom Boot Dryers

Options for these allow you to hold anywhere from one to forty pairs of shoes – in the commercial option. Even most of the household choices come with choices for up to six pairs. The roominess ensures that all of your gloves and boots are protected when not being in use. If you want your family’s, clients’, and your own feet and hands warm all throughout the year, then you will find these tools help you greatly. Keep your shoes – and the rest of your house – water-free with the help of one of our Dry-X boot dryers.

Not only do people not want to put on wet, soggy shoes when they go back out into the cold winter air, but all that collected moisture over time will also wear down the material. Dry-X boot dryers work to reduce problems with uncomfortable footwear and shortened shoe lifespans. Dry-X makes their units with high quality in mind. They are handmade, and most can be wall-mounted. You can buy them in wood or aluminum options. Should you chose wood, you can even opt to get it stained. If décor is an important consideration for you when you purchase one of the Dry-X boot dryers, then you may be interested in the rustic artist-created mountain scape design, available in both aluminum and wood. Whatever size you need, you will find great options here. From a single pair to dozens, you can dry any amount of footwear with ease!