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Shoe & Boot Brushes and Scrapers

A Boot Scraper Will Keep Your Home Clean
You come into your home after a long day outside only to discover you have just tracked in mud and water. This debris and mess you left behind has to be cleaned up by someone. A boot scraper can alleviate this issue and keep your garage and home much cleaner.

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Take One with You
Over time your vehicle can also get very dirty. You track in dirt, mud, and other debris on your shoes that gets caught in the carpets. Bringing a boot scraper along with you will solve this problem for good. Get a cleaning device that has two brushes on the side and the bottom of the device. Made from durable wood and metal, these are meant for repeated use. CozyWinters also carries a smaller unit with rubber nubs that removes dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes. This is a more lightweight piece that is small enough to store under the seat and easy to use.

For The Work Site
Just because you are on a construction site does not mean a mess of mud and dirt must be left everywhere. With multiple heavy duty brushes and a sturdy design, the larger shoe cleaning devices are made for use in this type of setting. These devices are attached to a heavy duty stand that can be mounted to any surface. They can withstand daily use on the work site to keep the office and machinery clean. These devices can also be used on ranches and in shops to keep the work space clean.

We carry the top of line shoe & boot brushes, including SCRUSHERS. Boot and Shoe scrapers all but eliminates dirt, mud, grime and snow from tramping in your door. Scrusher shoe & boot brushes and scrapers are known as the best quality and most effective boot brush on the market. That is why Scrusher shoe & boot brushes and scrapers are currently being used on more than half of the golf course in the US and Europe. Now, you can own the same quality built Scrusher shoe & boot brushes and scrapers for your home, business or vehicle. All Scrusher boot brushes and replacement parts are proudly made in the USA.